LEGO City High-speed Chase

Includes four minifigures: a pilot, police officer, crook and an exclusive for spring 2017 Chase McC..

LEGO City Race Plane

Get ready to put on an amazing show from the skies with the LEGO® City Race Plane, featuring a spinn..

LEGO City Tow Truck Trouble

Includes three minifigures: two police officers and a crook.Features a tow truck, a safe, police off..

LEGO Creator Air Blazer

Features a high-tech, agile design with large spinning main rotor, spinning tail rotor, tinted cockp..

LEGO Creator Airshow Aces

Features a supersonic jet, classic propeller plane and a transport truck with a long trailer, plus t..

LEGO Creator Cargo Heli

3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a cargo ship or a cargo plane Features a turning main rotor and tail ro..

LEGO Creator Construction Vehicles V29

Get the job done with the cool 3-in-1 Construction Vehicles!Bring in the heavy-duty backhoe loader, ..

LEGO Creator Fast Car V29

Get ready for the ultra-cool 3-in-1 Fast Car!Hit the open road with this awesome sports car, featuri..

LEGO Creator Green Cruiser

Features a tinted windshield, detailed dashboard, opening front trunk and opening, transparent rear ..

LEGO Creator Propeller Plane V29

Take a flight in the cool 3-in-1 Propeller Plane!Experience this classic aircraft, featuring a beaut..

LEGO Creator Sea Plane

3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a super-fast catamaran or a cool swamp boat Features a large propeller,..

LEGO Creator Super Soarer V29

Soar through the sky with this amazing 3-in-1 stunt jet!Amaze the crowds with this daring stunt jet!..

LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop

3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a post office or a newsstand Toy & Grocery Shop features shop signs..

LEGO Creator Vehicle Transporter

3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a tow truck towing a yellow car, or a mobile crane Features a tilting c..

LEGO Juniors Iron Man vs. Loki V29

Help Iron Man fight Loki to protect the cosmic cube!Loki is trying to steal the cosmic cube, but her..

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