Mamy Poko Pants XS 05's
  • Mamy Poko Pants XS 05's
  • Mamy Poko Pants XS 05's

Mamy Poko Pants XS 05's



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Mamy Poko Pants is a gentle pant style diaper with soft elastic and no tapes, specially designed for your baby's comfort. Easy to wear and remove which allows babies to move around actively.

Key Features:

  • Fits comfortably and helps air pass easily.
  • Soft elastic, no tapes.
  • Soaks the wetness and keep your baby dry.
  • No rashes, no itchy skin.
  • Soft leg gathers prevent leakage.
  • Easily removable, just tear the sides.
  • Less frequent changes.

**Please note that the package once opened will not be returnable/exchangeable.

Size Extra Small
Type Pant Diapers
Age Group Newborns
Recommended Baby's Weight 3 to 5 Kg
Quantity 5 pcs

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