LEGO City Demolition Starter Set

Features a front loader and a building section with toilet, water and pipesIncludes 4 minifigures wi..

LEGO City Ferry V29

Your next adventure is just a ferry ride away!Get ready for another exciting day in LEGO® City! ..

LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck V29

Put out the burning oil barrel!Hop in the Fire Ladder Truck and race to the scene! Extend the ladder..

LEGO City Fire Utility Truck V29

Battle the blaze and keep the TV stations on air!Get your firefighting gear on, there’s a fire at th..

LEGO City Race Boat V29

Make a big splash on race day!Rev up the engines in the Race Boat and get ready for the big race. Sk..

LEGO City Service Truck

Features a truck with crane, trailer and a portable toiletIncludes 2 minifigures with assorted acces..

LEGO Mixels Camsta

Camsta features a helicopter body with rotating rotors, camera-style head with a Cyclops eye for a l..

LEGO Mixels Cobrax


LEGO Mixels Compax

No alleyway or street gutter is too filthy for this enthusiastic, garbage-guzzling Trashoz tribe mem..

LEGO Mixels Gobbol

Keep the streets of Mixopolis clean with Gobbol, the LEGO® MIXELS™ Trashoz tribe member who can dige..

LEGO Mixels Myke

Myke features a recording-deck-style body, 4 legs and wheels, headphone elements, pose able joints, ..

LEGO Mixels Mysto

Mysto features a large pose able hat that can hide its eyes, an opening mouth, a white, wispy mustac..

LEGO Mixels Screeno

Seek out the top news stories with Screeno of the LEGO® MIXELS™ Newzers tribe.Screeno features a TV ..

LEGO Mixels Spinza

Spinza features a ninja-star design with 3 legs and 2 arms, orange eye mask, spinning body, pose abl..

LEGO Mixels Sweepz


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